Serious Speed: 

Speeding in excess of 15 mph 

Minor Violations:

  •   Any speed 15 mph or under the posted limit
  •   Failure to yield right of way at an intersection or to a pedestrian
  •   Improper turn
  •   Disregarding traffic control signs or devices
  •   Passing a school bus improperly
  •   Disobeying emergency vehicle regulations
  •   Disobeying police/fire dept. instructions
  •   Failure to stop at railroad crossings
  •   Parking on highway
  •   Failure to use due care
  •   Failure to keep in proper lane
  •   Failure to dim lights
  •   Following too closely
  •   Improper backing
  •   Improper passing
  •   Negligent driving
  •   careless or improper driving
  •   crossing private property to avoid a traffic light
  •   Driving too fast for conditions
  •   Driving on the wrong side of the road

Major Violations:

  •   Hit and Run
  •   Driving while under the influence of drugs or intoxicants
  •   Open container, passenger or operator
  •   Failure to submit to a chemical test
  •   Racing or reckless driving
  •   Driving during suspension/revocation
  •   Felony involvement with an automobile
  •   Fleeing or attempting to allude a police officer arising out of the operation of a motor vehicle
  •   Making a false accident report
  •   Failure to stop and render aid involving injuries
  •   Leaving the scene of an accident before the police arrive/hit and run
  •  Racing on a public trafficway
  •   Reckless driving
  •   Willfully failing or refusing to comply with any lawful order or directions of any police officer or   member of the fire department
  •  Obstructing an officer in violation of Statute 316.545(1). (Will display on MVR as Resisting officer with violence or Resisting officer without violence.

Non-Chargeable Violations:

  •   No/Improper child restraint or device
  •   Defective vehicle equipment
  •   Disobeyed car pool lane sign
  •   Loud soundmaking
  •   Expired tags
  •   Closed license suspension due to points
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